How Weight Loss can be achieved by keeping Workout and Food together?

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Eating and regular exercise come hand in hand when you want to achieve complete fitness. You have to keep a strict on your regular diet in between workout intervals. It is necessary to follow a regular diet plan if you want to see proper weight loss results. Weight Loss is a dream for some people but it can be achieved only if you are ready to work for it. When and what you eat directly affects how you feel when you exercise. It is a fact whether you are training as a professional or simply practicing weight losing workout at home. So here I am providing a planned diet plan.

1. Start with Breakfast

Pre Workout Breakfast

Pre Workout Breakfast

For a proper workout plan, you need to have a good start of the day. First of all make a habit of waking up early. If you are an early exercise lover, then grab your healthy breakfast as early as possible. It is important because most of the energy you get from dinner is used by morning. It lowers down your blood sugar. If you will not have a proper breakfast then you may probably feel sluggish and dizzy.

There are certain points to keep in mind that if you want to do exercises after one hour of breakfast then grab some light food which should include some kind of juice because it will raise your blood sugar level. You can also drink some sports drink instead of juice.

Following are some of the healthy breakfast meals: -

• Low fat milk
• Bread or Whole grain cereals
• Fruit juices
• Bananas
• Pancake
• Yogurt
• Peanut butter

A cup of coffee is also good prior to workout. If you are trying any food or drink for the first time then you can probably get your stomach upset. So, it is better to select breakfast carefully.

2. Size of the meal

Decide your meal size according to exercise

Decide your meal size according to exercise

You need to be careful that overeating is not good for your health. Keep in mind following tips.

• You can have a large meal breakfast 3 hours before exercise.
• Eat small meal before two hours of workout.
• You can grab some light snacks one hour before workout.

It is very necessary to have a balanced diet because eating too much will end up you into sluggishness whereas very light meal cannot fill up energy into your body required for workout.

3. Healthy Snacks

Workout Healthy Snacks

Workout Healthy Snacks

Some people are helpless to get over their hunger so they can have small light snacks before and during exercise session. Snacks won’t give you workout energy but they will help in preventing hunger pangs by keeping your blood sugar high. Some of healthy snacks are as follows: -

• Energy bars
• Yogurt
• Fruit Smoothies
• Bananas or other fresh fruits
• Low fat bars
• Peanut butter sandwiches
• Whole grain bagels

It is necessary to grab some snacks if you plan to work out after few hours of main meal.

4. Drink up

Grab water in between workout

Grab water in between workout

It is advisable to indulge appropriate fluids into your body before, during and after exercise. To stay well hydrated, follow below tips: -

• Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water during 3 hour workout in which you can drink one glass water after every 20 minutes.
• If you exercise more than 20 minutes then use sport drink.
• They will help in maintaining electrolyte balance in your body.

5. Meals after exercise

Post Workout Meal

Post Workout Meal

Eat a protein and carbohydrate rich protein to recover your muscles after exercise. Grab post workout meal within two hours after exercise. Some post workout meals include: -

• Peanut butter
• Fruit plus yogurt
• Pasta with meatballs
• Low fat chocolate milk
• Chicken with brown rice

I will suggest you to judge your exercise feeling first. Different people may have different opinion regarding eating and exercise together. Let your work out experience guide you for what kind of pre or post eating habits you should adapt.