Do You Know Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Secrets- From Size 16 to 6

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You may have heard about many weight loss stories. There are many celebrities which are well known for their struggle to achieve fitness. Among them, there is a lady achiever inspiring girl zone that if you once decided with full determination, then you can definitely achieve desired goal. That amazing personality is Jennifer Hudson. She has dropped five dress sizes since she appeared in American Ideal 2004. The lady looks great with satisfaction. She has lost all weight in a healthy way.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

She has been trained under guidance of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. She has followed balanced diet and exercise plan for losing weight. She has mentioned in an interview that she is happy at stage where she is and does not have any plans to shed some extra pounds. She wants to look fit not skinny. She adds that it is not always diet it is your life style that teaches you better tips to achieve fitness.

Girls often have ice cream cravings. But determined Jennifer had no ice cream for four years. Great she is!!
She said, “I am going to keep my curves. I love me.” As per her view, don’t worry about number on the weight scale, it is that how comfortable you feel in your skin and how healthy you are. With her weight loss achievements she has become Weight Watchers Spokesperson and ending that partnership in 2014.

Jennifer Before and After Weight Loss

Jennifer Before and After Weight Loss

Her Success Sweat Speaks

She has started training for weight loss since 2004. She has trained with Harley Pasternak who is well known for training celebrities with time saving workout. Hudson has kept all her workout as fun and entertaining. Even she loved playing basketball as an exercise. She suggests that don’t consider your exercise as workouts just love the exercising game, just keep metabolism and energy levels up.

She said, “The key about losing weight: You have to do it for you.” Achieving fitness is not an easy thing but when you are doing things in right direction with fun, anything can happen.

Jennifer’s Healthy Diet Plan

Jennifer Says She Loves Where She Is

Jennifer Says She Loves Where She Is

1. Day 1

Breakfast: Cereals with strawberries and yogurt.
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with chips, salsa and apple.
Dinner: Salad with dressing on the side and Edamame.
Snacks: Muffin with topping, latte and popcorn.

2. Day 2

Breakfast: White egg scrambled with veggies and cheese, toasted English muffin with jelly, turkey bacon.
Lunch: Grilled chicken Salad, chips and dip.
Dinner: Chinese takeout or make at home.
Snacks: Apple with PB, Yogurt with pineapple and granola.

3. Day 3

Breakfast: Cereal with skimmed milk and banana.
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on toasted English muffin and soup.
Dinner: Wings, Collards made with oil and potato.
Snacks: Yogurt with peanut butter, popcorn and granola bar.

Workout Plan of Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Always Love Her Workout

Jennifer Always Love Her Workout

Exercise set with time

1. 3 Way Lunge, 3, 18
2. Dumbbell Squat, 3, 10
3. One Arm Triceps Extension,3,10
4. Alternating Swiss Ball Dumbbell Chest Press, 3, 12
5. Plank, 2, 00:01:00
6. Side Plank,2, 00:00:30
7. Basketball, 00.30.00

Jennifer has got her body fit by lot of hard work and patience. Above diet plan and workout plan can help you tone body like Jennifer. Always stay inspired with your favorite Celeb Story. Do not just look at their fame; See the hard work and determination they have put to reach that point. Losing weight and fitness is one of their lifelong achievement.